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Inherited Magick: The Children of Dark Root: Book One

It's been four years since Maggie's venture into the Netherworld, and Dark Root is thriving. But there are shadows moving in, and ominous signs in the tea leaves. Old spirits rise up to tell their stories, and new residents arrive. Who is friend and who is foe? There may be peace in Dark Root, but peace was never meant to last.

This is the spin-off series for The Daughters of Dark Root series. This series can be read alone, but do contain spoilers from the previous series. Magick. Mischief. Mayhem. Maggie.

Welcome to Dark Root. We've been expecting you.

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Gifted Magick: The Children of Dark Root: Book Two

There grows in the woods of Dark Root a curious white rose,
which only blooms in December.
This famed rose is sought by all who know of it,
saturated with Other-Worldly magick.
An offering from one side of the Veil to the other,
a symbol of beauty and love.
--From the Grimoire of Juliana Benbridge

It's Winter Solstice Days in Dark Root, and strange happenings abound. The Hellhounds that arrived with Samhain may still be lurking in the woods, people are forgetting things--as if under a spell, and June Bug has taken adolescent rebellion to an all new level. The only common thread appears to be Erin, the pretty, new waitress at Dip Stix.

Determined to solve the riddle, Maggie once again turns to the Deciphering Stone and Juliana's scrolls. What she uncovers is a story with ancient roots, and modern relevance. In fact, what Maggie discovers might just be the most important discovery of her life.

Magick. Mystery. Mysticism. Maggie.

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