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What I'm Working on Wednesdays: Feb 26

A snippet from Forgotten Magick I've been working on this week:

Berta escorted Morgan out just as quick. “Best to go in in small doses at first. You can increase your time by a breath or two after a while. You’ll get used to it. The garden’s magick is wild, yet contained, like you.” She chuckled, beckoning her back to the carrots. “Those roses are the main ingredients to my perfumes. I have to keep them locked up. You’re the first I’ve ever shown my garden to.”

“And you trust me?” Morgan asked, puzzled, wondering if she had walked into a trap. Both Alistair and her mother had always carefully guarded their secrets; why was this stranger being so open with hers?

“We’re alike,” Berta said. “You’ve got ‘the light’. I saw it the moment I laid eyes upon you. You glow from a village away. Now, if you had shone dark, you wouldn't be here.” Morgan tilted her head, back and forth, letting the words roll around in her brain. “I can almost understand what you are saying, but not quite. Its like a dream that’s forgotten the moment you wake up.”

Berta brandished a carrot before her. “There are folks walking around with magick in their blood—folks like me and you. Its an ancestral gift, handed down through the lines from before The Great Deluge, amplified in regions like this—one of seven hidden throughout the world. And used by those who do the work of darkness and light, creating both spells and miracles.” “I do not believe in good or evil,” Morgan said plainly. Having spent most of her childhood outdoors, she had seen that balance maintained order, even balance that was sometimes ugly, like the dead mouse dangling from the mouth of one of Berta’s cats. She had also seen that balance was needed when Alistair brewed his concoctions, mixing components like deadly mercury with life-giving salt.

“You are young. You have not lived nearly a quarter as long as I have, nor have you traveled much. Balance is necessary, but we are always recreating balance. What is just one day, may not be just the next. There is light. And there is absence of light. There are those who seek to help; and those who seek to harm.”

“And those who just want to live their own lives,” Morgan said. “You have common sense. That is good. Annoying, but good.” Berta called her to a small outdoor table, setting a small basket between them. “Before we work more, lets have some tarts.”

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