What I'm Working on Wednesday, July 8, 2020.

This is an excerpt I wrote today from Alchemy of a Witch: Part One--Calcination and Dissolution.

This is a new, four-part series that can be read as a stand alone, or in conjunction with the Dark Root books as they contain 'forgotten lore.' The first two parts are already up for preorder with download dates of Sept 22 and Dec 21. So get ready to get magickal with Morgan, and her journey through the trials and tribulations of medieval witchery.

Rex snorted, sucking up a juicy worm before it could wriggle away. Men always took the easy way out, rather than searching for a problem’s root cause. It was easier that way, he supposed, and allowed a scapegoat when responsibility was shucked. Alistair seemed to be an exception; the man devoted both his days and his nights to seeking out the source of something as trivial as a squeaky drawer. Only then would he come up with a solution. It wasn’t always a good solution, but at least he used his brain instead of madness—a trait missing in most humans these days.

He knew.

He had watched the world for a long, long time--watching the wheel forever turn, watching men rise then fall, never quite learning the mistakes of their forefathers.

And now, it seemed, they had regressed too far back to save.

Not that he personally cared. He had stepped away from their problems long ago—and was content to let them destroy themselves and start the whole thing up again—or not. So long as they left him alone.

His father, however, wanted more of the humans. While free to come and go now as he mostly pleased, it was the humans, his father insisted, who had imprisoned him so many years ago. He had a long, long memory and wanted revenge--and if he could seal their fate, he would.

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