Life Update

Hey Everyone—

I’m going to try and post on my blog more often. My goal for now is at least once a week—either with a personal story, a piece from my current work in progress, or something related to my work or research.

The big news for me is that I’m moving! I’ll be staying in my same town in Oregon, but relocating to a newer house I hope will be my forever home. I’ve lived in my current home for 17 years now, and I’ve fixed it up about as much as I could, but our family has clearly outgrown it.

I’m really excited about this move. I never thought I would move. I thought I’d ride out my time on earth here in this same house, and I was fine with that. But we found this house quite accidentally—and fell immediately in love with it. And through a series of synchronicities’, we find ourselves selling our own and buying the new one all within the span of the last three weeks. And in three more weeks, we will be getting the keys to our new place.

It’s a craftsman style home, and though it was built 15 years ago, it was built according to historic standards. It is also in the historic district of our town. I’m thrilled, because I love history! I’m even on the board of our historical society. So, now I dream about walking about this part of town and discovering the secrets of these old houses, and maybe writing about them.

Another cool part is this house has a name: Bliss House. If you’ve read my books, you’ll see that I adore named houses. But maybe one day I’ll change it to Harvest Home

Another thing I’m looking forward to is having my own office. Currently, I write on the couch, at the kitchen table, in my bed, or in the garage. It’s not a bad gig, but having a room I can shut out the world is super exciting. Also, a few of you may know I’m going to start doing Tarot Card readings online. Having my own office means I can do in-person readings, too (post plague of course).

Anyway, that’s what’s going on in my life. My current home situation is turned upside down, as we have repairmen and painters and movers and cleaners in and out all the time, and I’m just scrounging bits of time here and there to work on my current project: Alchemy of a Witch: Part Three (out April 16). My cat, Boots, is not happy with the chaos either.

I’ll be posting excerpts soon from that project, as well as updating everyone on my moving antics.

Love and light everyone,


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