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Good News/Bad News:

I have hit 45,000 words on Forgotten Magick--what I had originally intended for it to land on. That's about half the length of my normal Dark Root books (which clock in between 85k-115k each). I still have at least as much to go on this one!

That means this will be a full-length novel.

I'm writing it much quicker than I've written my other ones. I just started three weeks ago. Maybe its because its been sitting in my mind for months and months. Maybe because its more of a 'fun adventure' book, than the intricate Dark Root storylines.

That said, theres plenty of thought in there too. Our main character, "Morgan," (mentioned at the beginning and end of Inherited Magick, has been training under an alchemist, hoping to decipher the riddle of her mother's book--written in an indecipherable language. But things go awry when the 'new religion' sweeps the land, and the alchemist is convicted of heresy, leaving Morgan to fend for herself.

Our character suddenly finds herself in a world that is not only suddenly hostile to her 'old religion,' but to her gender as well. The plague has struck and witches must be the cause-goes the general reasoning.

I won't give away the whole plot because it ties into the Dark Root stories, what has happened and what's to come. But I will say that I've had lots of fun with the characters, their beliefs, and the consequences, good or bad, for those beliefs.

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