• April Aasheim


And my super, secret surprise... Last night I started writing the next Dark Root book!! I'll be working on it casually in the evenings while finishing up my Alchemy of a Witch series (the last book is out in August). I'm not sure when the next Dark Root book will be released, but I'm guessing late this winter, depending on how much time I can wrangle. The even BIGGER announcement, however, is that while it WILL technically be the next book in The Children of Dark Root series, it will also mark the beginning of a new series: MISS SASHA"S MAGICK SCHOOL 2.0! Everything that has happened in Dark Root so far, (and in Alchemy of a Witch) will come into play in this series featuring Maggie and her family, working to educate the next generation of Dark Root children, on the ways of magick--while fighting back the darkness threatening the world. I foresee at least four books in this series, possibly more. I'll be filling you in on details as I go, but please be patient. These books take a while. Theres a LOT of thought that goes into their creation, much more brain work than appears on paper haha. Anyway, Happy Monday everyone! And remember, the Alchemy of a Witch series is nearly complete, and though you won't need to have read the Alchemy books, they will really help giving meaning to this next Dark Root adventure.

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