• April Aasheim

Alchemy of a Witch Update!

I wanted to give you all a quick update.

Book three of Alchemy of the Witch is Live now and you can pre-order book four now!

Centuries before Dark Root...

A once peaceful land is besought with unrest, as The Great Sickness spreads its malignant vines across towns and villages. Suspicion reigns, as neighbor fears neighbor, and The Church searches for the root of the plague, and a scapegoat.

As the dead accumulate, a verdict is delivered: witchcraft is to blame.

In a sudden upheaval, the once revered Keepers-of-the-Old-Ways are vilified and hunted, as a new consciousness sweeps across the world—

Submit to the new ways, or perish.

This four-part, stand-alone prequel series reveals secret chapters of Dark Root lore.

Behind every story, is yet another story.

The mystical saga begins.

Read Book One Here Read Book Two Here Read Book Three Here Pre-Order Book Four Here

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