Have a Super-natural Summer!

Calling all Baylee Scott fans! I just wrote a 10k word short story for the upcoming .99 kindle anthology available June 21: Spell or High Water.

Kela and Baylee host a seance for the local elite. But the spirit they conjure may not want to go into the light. Now, the entire town is on edge, fearing that the girl who drowned over a century ago, has come back to exact her revenge.

And if that's not enough, here's the official synopsis for the anthology. Also, check out the amazing authors I'm working with. I love my job!

Synopses for Spell or High Water:

Witches, werewolves, vamps and more. When they clash with bewitching creatures from the big blue, magical hi-jinx are sure to follow! A group of your favorite paranormal cozy writers have teamed up to bring you mystery-filled tales of summer fun. Authors include: Kathi Daley, Heather Hamilton, Molly Milligan, Morgana Best, April Aasheim, Tegan Maher, Elle Adams, Heather Horrocks, Danielle Garrett, Samantha Silver, A. Gardner, ReGina Welling and Erin Lynn

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