A Dark Root Halloween

Dark Root is all about Halloween. Ghosts. Demons. Witches. Magick. Creepy old woods.

And I know I've already written one book about Dark Root and Halloween BUT...as I was dozing last week I kept getting a vision of a young Larinda, with her hands over a crystal ball, wondering what her future held. And my new short story A Dark Root Halloween: The Witching Hour, was born.

This story takes place nearly a century before the current world. Larinda and Sasha are very young adults, looking to make their marks on the world. But when Larinda learns of her cousin's impending happiness, she'll do anything to stop it.

Its so much fun writing in this timeline. And I really enjoy following Sasha throughout the eras, watching her change over the time while always staying devoted to her 'ideals.' She's one of my favorite characters to write. She's smart. Capable. And a feminist way before her time. But she also has a heart, as you can see in this story, and it can be broken.

As for Larinda, well, she is not quite as complicated as her cousin. She desires some of the same things: love, attention, comfort and admiration, but unlike her cousin, her needs dont extend to others and so her layers are not quite as deep. At least, so far.

Though this is a short story, it fits perfectly into the Dark Root world, adding more to the continuing saga of coven-leading Sasha and her family.

This story will be offered FREE to my newsletter readers if they are subscribed by Oct 26. After that, it will be for sale on Amazon for 99 cents.

I'm continuing to work on Baylee Bonds and The Shadows of Dark Root. My mind is always busy. I promise, I'm not delaying stories on purpose :)


April Aasheim

#Halloween #DarkRoot

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