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Abracadabra and Alchemy: Miss Sasha's School of Magick Book 1

Magic School1.jpg

Decades ago, Sasha Shantay operated a secret school for young witches and magicians. A hand-written invitation by the grand witch herself was required for admittance. But when Sasha learns that The Final Trial had come upon the world, she hastily closes and hides the school, fearing it would become a beacon for The Dark One and his minions. Her students, including her own four daughters, were put under a Forget Spell, removing its very existence from their minds.

But now, memories of the forgotten institution were resurfacing in Sasha's daughters, just as their own children begin their school year.

As the once small town of Dark Root booms with new families, Merry is determined to let the past lie in the past. But Maggie, Ruth Anne and Eve are determined to uncover the truth. For not only was the school a safe haven for training, but a depository of knowledge. If not found, it would be lost forever.

The Final Trial is upon us.

The fate of the world hangs in the balance of one small town and its sisterhood of witches.

Return to Dark Root.

Secrets. Suspense. Sisters.


Bloodlines and Bindings: Miss Sasha's School of Magick Book 2

Magic School2.jpg

Coming June 2022

Constellations and Candles: Miss Sasha's School of Magick Book 3

Magic School3.jpg

Coming November 2022

Dowsing and Demons: Miss Sasha's School of Magick Book 4

Magic School4.jpg

Coming Valentine's Day 2023

Pre-Order Coming Soon!

Elm Trees and Elementals: Miss Sasha's School of Magick Book 5


Coming July 4 2023

Pre-Order Coming Soon!

Forests and Fae: Miss Sasha's School of Magick Book 6


Coming Christmas 2023!

Pre-Order Coming Soon!
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