The Witches of Dark Root IS NOW available as an audiobook through AUDIBLE! 

And yes... I have plans to put the entire series in audio-books, and this is the first step. Book Two will be out early summer.

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Book Two in The Children of Dark Root Series: Gifted Magick

Order today for download July 24

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The Children of Dark Root Series: Book One: Inherited Magick.

Available Now.


It’s been four years since the Netherworld and Dark Root is thriving. Maggie is now in charge of Miss Sasha’s Magick Shoppe, as well as her two powerfully gifted children.


But when Shane leaves town to visit family, Maggie discovers an ancient key, unlocking a series of puzzling events: A secret workshop, ghostly visitors, and hellish creatures hiding in the woods.Old spirits rise up to tell their stories, and new residents arrive. Who is friend and who is foe? There may be peace in Dark Root, but peace was never meant to last.

This is the spin-off series for The Daughters of Dark Root series. This series can be read alone, but contains spoilers from The Daughters of Dark Root series.


More Magick. Mischief. Mayhem. Maggie.


Baylee Scott: Touch of Shadow(A Cozy Mystery)

For Kindle and Paperback


Psychic Baylee Scott returns with an all new PARANORMAL Adventure!

Things are disappearing all over Reed Hollow, and the town's beloved Mayor suddenly passes away.

Will Baylee Scott be able to unravel the clues before the town's fate changes forever?

 Book Five:The Shadows of Dark Root


Return to Dark Root with Maggie and the gang in Book Five of the continuous Daughters of Dark Root series.

The child has been stolen by a witch with an old family grudge. Now, Maggie and her sisters must brave the dangers of The Netherworld in order to set things right again. But there is more at stake than just the child, Maggie learns. Much more.

More Magick. More Mystery. More Mayhem. More Maggie.

(Excerpt from The Shadows of Dark Root)


Hecate stepped closer, her bare feet hardly touching the earth. “Maggie, I am Guardian of the Tree of Life. Do you not trust me?” She outstretched her hand, proffering the apple. “One bite, and you will see the truth.”

The truth.

It was the way she spoke it that resonated with me. The truth. A simple gift, and yet one we received so rarely.

“Why should I trust you?” I asked, backing to the edge of the circle and pulling up my skirt so it wouldn’t get caught in the currents. “Even if you are the guardian.”

“Because I knew your Mother. I was there when she took the office, even if she was not unaware of it. And…” 

She rolled the apple across her palm. It teetered magically on the edge of one side of her hand, and then rolled lazily back to the other. 

“...I also knew your father, Armand. I see the dichotomy, and the confusion, inside of you.”

“You knew Armand?”

She laughed. “Who doesn’t know Armand around here? He has tramped through my garden numerous times, with little regards to nature or our delicate ecosystem. He leaves a dark trail behind him. His last visit withered most of my fruits.” She motioned towards a plot of barren land at the edge of the glade and wrinkled her upturned nose.

“I’m sorry about my father’s actions, but what does that have to do with me?”

“I know your mission, Maggie. And I know your journey will be tough. If your father’s deal goes through he will remain unchecked, and all will be lost." She sighed. Her sigh was carried off by the wind and continued echoing around me. "As above, so below. And also the reverse."

It was too much to think about, and she must have sensed my distress. 

“But the end doesn’t come yet, so be of good cheer! Today, you will know truth,” she said. “Or at least a truth.” 

She extended her hand again - and I extended mine. The apple rolled from the butt of her palm into my own, fitting perfectly within my cupped hand. I let it sit there a long moment. It held no dark energy that I could discern, and though it was larger than my fist, it felt feather-light. 

I took a bite.

Reed Hollow: A Typical New England Town.

Or is it?








Calling all lovers of paranormal cozy mysteries!

Baylee Scott Is a new series of mine.

Set in the enchanted town of Reed Hollow, follow psychic, ghost hunter Baylee Scott as she sheds light on the supernatural.

"Witch, witch, you make me itch. I'd like to beat you with a switch."

Baylee Scott has the gift of touch. Except it’s not a gift. Seeing other people's memories doesn't make her very popular in Reed Hollow. It was one of the reasons she left the small town as soon as she was able. 

But after losing her ghost-hunting husband, Baylee returns home to help her brother run the family business: a defunct antique shop and tea house. It’s a dull existence that leaves her dreaming of adventures elsewhere.

Then, a mysterious jewelry case appears in her office, followed by a note detailing a connection between strange lights appearing in the sky and the disappearance of local women. Suddenly, Baylee’s life becomes more exciting.

Aided by her animal-loving brother, her tarot-card reading cousin, and the ghost of her dead mother, Baylee must unravel the clues to stop the strange lights from taking yet another victim.




The Witches of Dark Root

(Book One in The Daughters of Dark Root Series)


Deep in the forests of Central Oregon is a place called Dark Root, a small town shrouded in secrets, mystery, and witchcraft. But for Maggie Maddock, Dark Root is also a prison, a place where she is forced to spend her days working in her mother’s magick shop, forfeiting any dreams of her own as she prepares to take over the family coven. So, when a stranger appears and offers to take Maggie away from it all, she leaves without saying goodbye.


Now, seven years later, a phone call sends Maggie and her sisters back to Dark Root where she is unprepared for what awaits her: a town that's lost its magic, a mother with an unexplained illness, a house buried in secrets, and a renewed sibling rivalry.


Will Maggie run again or will she finally embrace her abilities to save everything, and everyone, she loves?




Over 300 reviews on Amazon.

"...entertaining and intriguing all the way through."


"If I could give it ten stars, I would."


Boundless Book Reviews



Books in The Daughters of Dark Root Series!

The Good Girl's Guide to Being a Demon


What happens when a bookworm discovers she is half-demon?

Find out in the urban fantasy: The Good Girl's Guide to Being a Demon.

A Woodland Creek Novel.

Available Now! Just 2.99!


Reviewers say:

"Highly recommend this book."

"Loved it!"

"Very suspenseful."

"Whimsical while flirting with the dark."



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