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April Aasheim spent her childhood traveling around the Southwestern portion of the United States with her gypsy mother and her get-rich-quick stepfather. During those years she spent time traveling with the carnival, living in an abandoned miner's shack, and learning to read Tarot Cards.


After spending her early adult years in California, Tennessee, and Arizona, she finally settled down in Oregon where she has lived for the last decade. April is a mother, a wife, and a reluctant homemaker. She has written several short stories and maintains an active blog.



List of Books:

The Dark Root Universe:

The Witches of Dark Root (2013)

The Magick of Dark Root (2014)

The Curse of Dark Root: Pt One (2015)

The Curse of Dark Root: Pt Two (2016)

The Shadows of Dark Root: (2017)

The Council of Dark Root: Armand (A Dark Root Companion Novella)

A Dark Root Christmas: Merry's Gift (A Dark Root Companion Novella)

A Dark Root Samhain: A Lesson in Magick (A Daughters of Dark Root Cozy Short)

A Dark Root Halloween: The Witching Hour (A Daughters of Dark Root Companion Short Story)

Spin Off Series Children Of Dark Root

Inherited Magick (2018)

Gifted Magick (Coming fall 2019)

The Reed Hollow Chronicles

Touch of Light: A Baylee Scott Paranormal Mystery Book 1 (2017)

Touch of Shadow: A Baylee Scott Paranormal Mystery Book 2 (2018)

Other Books:

The Universe is a Very Big Place (2012)

The Good Girl's Guide to Being a Demon (2015)

Coming Soon:

Gifted Magick (Fall 2019)

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