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Alchemy of a Witch Series

A Medieval Witchy Adventure

When a witch-hunter drives Morgan from her small village, she is forced to learn the ways of magick.

This is a Stand-alone series, set in medieval Europe.

It is also a prequel to The Daughters of Dark Root , The Children of Dark Root and Miss Sasha's School of Magick series.

Book One:

Centuries before Dark Root...
A once peaceful land is besought with unrest, as The Great Sickness spreads its malignant vines across towns and villages. Suspicion reigns, as neighbor fears neighbor, and The Church searches for the root of the plague, and a scapegoat.
As the dead accumulate, a verdict is delivered: witchcraft is to blame.
In a sudden upheaval, the once revered Keepers-of-the-Old-Ways are vilified and hunted, as a new consciousness sweeps across the world—
Submit to the new ways, or perish.

Part One:
As plague rages across neighboring villages, Leckwich's wise-woman, Almara, is arrested for witchcraft. Before she is taken away, Almara tasks her daughter, Morgan, with guardianship of two precious heirlooms. When Morgan herself is accused of witchcraft, she becomes a fugitive from her own village. Escaping with only her Mother's strange book and stone, she disappears into The Great Forest, and the rumored beasts that reside there.

This four-part, stand-alone prequel series reveals secret chapters of Dark Root lore.
Behind every story, is yet another story.
The mystical saga begins.


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Book Two:

"Why would a witch bargain with the devil?" Morgan asked the young pilgrim marching alongside her.
The boy gave her a toothy grin, obviously pleased to pass along his wisdom. "The devil gives the witch her powers! He gives her the power to curse folk, to turn a man impotent, to command the weather, and to even take a soul! That's the devil's ultimate goal--collecting souls. We must always be vigilant," the boy said, stroking the silver cross dangling from his neck.
In the second installment of the Alchemy of a Witch series, Morgan returns to Leckwich to save her childhood friend from the nefarious Witch Hunter General and his band of mercenaries. There, she encounters old acquaintances, new allies, and long-forgotten magick. And she learns that she, herself, is the Witch Hunter's ultimate prize.

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Book Three:

As Morgan continues her race to see her father before he hangs for heresy, her life is intersected by three powerful females:
The Prioress : A holy woman always willing to cut a deal.
The Lady: A noble woman determined to vanquish old magick.
The Hedge Witch: A cunning woman with tricks up her sleeve and stories to tell.

Each woman has the power to shape Morgan's destiny--but can any be trusted?

In this exciting third installment of the Alchemy of a Witch series, Morgan learns more about who she really is, and what is really important.


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Book Four:

Blurb After witnessing Alistair's hanging, Morgan flees Orshire in the wagon of a local hedge witch. In payment, Morgan agrees to become her apparentice while she waits for word from Jon.
But Jaffrey now has his fabled ring, and an army of dark servants. If they don't draw Morgan out of hiding, perhaps the threat of a witch-burning on Samhain will?

Free with Kindle Unlimited!

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