Books in The Daughters of Dark Root Series!

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The Witches of Dark Root IS NOW available as an audiobook through AUDIBLE! 

Listen to books One and Two on a nice care ride, or listening in the bathtub!


Witches of Dark Root Book One

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Witches of Dark

Root Book Two


Witches of Dark

Root Book Three

"A fun, light-hearted, mystical read!"

- Amazon Reviewer.

"This is a comfort series, magical and left me wanting more."

-Amazon Reviewer.

I promise Dark Roots

will have you hooked.

-Amazon Reviewer.


Witches of Dark

Root Book Four

Witches of Dark

Root Book Five

"This one keeps you unearthing secrets!"
- Amazon Reviewer.

"Aasheim paints a vivid and enchanting picture as Maggie ventures the underworld."

-Amazon Reviewer.

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Children of Dark Root Book One

"As always April Aasheim wrote a page turner, I couldn't put this book down."
-Amazon Reviewer.


Children of Dark Root

Book Two

"The entire Dark Root series draws the reader into the family."

-Amazon Reviewer.

Books in The Children of Dark Root Series!

The Council of Darkroot.jpg

The Council of

Dark Root

Darkroot Christmas.jpg

A Dark Root


"Keeps you on the edge"

-Amazon Reviewer.

"Merry's Gift is a delightful holiday story"

-Amazon Reviewer.

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A Dark Root

Cozy Short

A Dark Root


"Thrilling, twists and an end

I didn't see coming!"

-Amazon Reviewer.

"Intriguing short story"

-Amazon Reviewer.

Dark Root Short Stories


The Reed Hollow Chronicles Book 1

Touch of Light2.jpg

The Reed Hollow Chronicles Book 2

"The story will enchant you, so be aware."

- Amazon Reviewer.

"What an amazing imagination!"

- Amazon Reviewer.

Books in The Reed Hollow Chronicles Series!

ToL Audio.jpg

The Reed Hollow Chronicles Book 1

Baylee Scott has the gift of touch.

Touch of Light in Audio!


The Good Girl's Guide to Being a Demon

"Demon or angel that is the question"

-Amazon Reviewer.

Woodland Creek


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